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Pastor Simon KhanEnd Time Harvester International Ministries (E.T.H.I.M) is a vision that God delivered on the heart and spirit of Pastor Simon Khan as far back as 1999 after he graduated from The Apostolic Bilingual Bible College in Kumba-Cameroon and moved to Nigeria-West Africa to further his studies at Wesley International Theological Seminary (An affiliate of the university of Nigeria, Nsukka ) were he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theology with honors. With the desire to be effective with this God-given vision, he went in for Masters Studies at West Africa Theological Seminary were obtained an M.A degree in 2004.

There after he returned to his country Cameroon where he served with The Apostolic Church Cameroon as a Pastor and just when he was scheduled to start teaching at The Apostolic Bilingual Seminary, God took him out of Africa to Europe as a missionary in October 2005.

After his brief survey of the continent, in October 2006, he and his wife founded E.T.H.I.M in their leaving room with a membership of four adults and eight children making a total of twelve from four different nations: Cameroon, Nigeria , Ivory Coast and Ghana. Within three months the attendance went up to twenty-seven persons. At this point in time their leaving room was getting too small as they started searching for a bigger accommodation. In December 2006, the church moved to the present side which as at then it was a rundown building with a lot of challenges in terms of making it suitable for a public venue as required by the city council of Antwerp.

Pastor Simon and Pastor (Prophetess) Faith Khan known by her fans in the artists world as “Enes” worked hard with the support of the few members as at that time to overcome the challenges in meeting up with the requirements of the city Council (the commune) for a public place. With the help of a hired architect, the fire departments and the city architect were consulted with the old plans of the building and finally a new plan was drawn and approved by the city council for restructuring the building. It took quite a lot of money as the work went on continuously for nine months but God proved to us that He is Jehovah-jiri (the Lord our provider).

While this mega project was going on many members could not stand it as they quite the church but the few that remained were like the 300 men out of the 32,000 that God selected for Gideon during the War. They were only about 30 adults but very focused. They sacrificed both their time and resources for the work happily as it was a shock for the devil to see the dream which he even said it will never come true fulfilling.

In October 2011 the church got the approval to resume fellowship in the building at the end of the works. It presently looks completely different from what it used to be with good facilities to the glory of God. Since the official opening of the building in October 2011, the church has been experiencing some rapid growth.

Prophetesse Faith KhanThe membership has tripled what it used to be. Given that it is an international vision, there are presently over 13 different nations of the world represented in E.T.H.I.M. ranging from the continents of Africa, South America and Europe, namely: Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Kenya, Burundi, French Guyana, British Guyana, Ghana, Suriname, Angola, Belgium, and Holland. It is quite amazing what God is doing at E.T.H.I.M: Centre of Victory for All Nations.

Since the official lunching of E.T.H.I.M: Centre of Victory for All Nations in 2007 officiated by Rev. Apostle Samuel Kopp the spiritual father of Pastor Simon, given her missionary spirit, two branches of the ministry are now in existence in two different continents apart from Belgium on two different countries of the world: Canada and Cameroon. Click here to read our vision and mission statement. Our motto is FAITH, ACTION & SACRIFICE.

Our name “End Time Harvester International Ministries” is a summary of who we are. We are eschatological conscious in the understanding that our present world is closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ than ever before. The Bible states that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (Matt.9:37-38).Thus we exist as an instrument in the hands of God to reconcile the human race back to Christ.

In our presentation of the Gospel, we use a monastic view which sees humans as having body, soul and spirit as was evident in Christ ministry where he was concerned not  only with the human spirit but also the physical condition of man in providing food etc to those in need. In reaching out to the physical needs of humans, we have been to India once and Cameroon twice where the lives of street children, orphans and the sick were been ministered to by providing food, clothing, education and shelter.

Browse our website to find out more about E.T.H.I.M: Centre of Victory for All Nations and how you can get connected. Whatever age, race or season of life you may be in, there is definitely a place for you at Centre of Victory for All Nations. If you have not yet been to our services, it will be our honor to host you in our house. I can assure you will never regret your visit to our ministry; rather you will be tempted to want to be a part of what god is doing through E.T.H.I.M.

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